EMAILMEXTRASA.COMFaq s     1. buy generic viagra ) when are my postoperative visits normally scheduled? The visits include an appointment on the third or fifth postoperative day at which time the drains are removed and the grafts are inspected (if the procedure is a mastectomy with nipple areolar grafts). buy generic viagra All sutures are removed on the seventh postoperative day (on the fifth day for the keyhole procedure). The only visible sutures for removal are around the grafts; the inframammary incision is closed with an absorbable subcuticular suture which does not require removal. viagra for sale For this reason, "stitch marks" should not occur along this incision line. female pink viagra wikipedia Patients are welcome to come to the office at any time other than routine scheduled appointments should they have questions or concerns they wish addressed with a visit. order generic viagra online 2. can used natural viagra ) how long do i wear a binder or support? A binder is to be worn for two weeks following the date of surgery. Following the keyhole procedure, support should be worn for at least 2 months. This need not be a binder; an elastic shirt would suffice. 3. ) when may i shower? viagra prescription canada Normally you may shower after all the sutures are removed. You will receive instructions that you should shower from behind to protect the healing grafts from the direct stream of the shower water. viagra pills for sale Then you carefully pat the chest dry and reapply ointment and dressings (supplied) to the graft sites to protect them from the binder, and then your clothing for approximately two additional weeks. 4. buy cheap viagra online ) when may i exercise? generic viagra usa to usa You should be able to resume most normal activities within two weeks of surgery. buy viagra without prescription reddit If you goal is to return to or begin a strenuous exercise program, weight training, or other similar body building programs, you should wait at least one month. 5. ) when may i return to work? buy generic viagra online cheap This will depend on the type of work in which you are engaged. Clerical type work can sometimes be resumed after one week. Work requiring the lifting of 20 to 25 pounds can be resumed after two weeks. Heavier types of work duties should not be resumed until one month following surgery. generic sildenafil 6. ) what if i want to go into a hot tub? how long do viagra side effects last How long do i need to wait? It is recommended that you wait at least three months, and then only go into the tub for very brief periods. After six months you may resume your normal hot tub sessions. 7. ) what can i do to minimize postoperative scarring? Initially tape is pla. viagra viagra viagra price comparison viagra vs viagra vs viagra drinking