EMAILMEXTRASA.COM The retroperitoneum and lungs. Womens use viagra order generic viagra online usa Therefore, patients with germ cell tumors should undergo ct of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis; however, the major limitation of ct imaging is that while gross nodal disease can usually be detected, microscopic metastases are not. viagra price comparison - walmart Staging of testicular germ cell tumors stage i: tumors confined to the testis, with no evidence of nodal or pulmonary parenchymal involvement. How long does half a viagra pill last In nonseminomous tumors, stage i represents about 40% of all diagnoses. cheap viagra without prescriptions Stage ii: denotes tumors with retroperitoneal lymph node metastases. buy viagra on line cheap Stage iia implies minimal but definite nodal involvement, generally of a microscopic nature. buy cheap viagra online Stage iib refers to macroscopic disease, or a larger number of microscopic metastases. order cheap viagra at the best prices Stage iic indicates bulky retroperitoneal nodal disease. viagra for sale 50mg Bulky disease is generally defined as tumors >5 cm on a ct scan. viagra side effects and blood pressure Stage iii: refers to disease that has spread beyond the retroperitoneum, usually to supradiaphragmatic lymph nodes, pulmonary parenchyma, or other sites including liver, bone, or brain. cost viagra prescription australia Some staging schemas, particularly those for seminoma, distinguish between stage iii (supradiaphragmatic lymph nodes) and stage iv (any extranodal metastases, including pulmonary parenchyma, bone, and brain). Treatment and prognosis most men with testicular cancer can be cured with surgery, radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy. canadian online pharmacy no prescription viagra Germ cell tumors are broadly divided into seminoma and nonseminoma for treatment planning because seminomatous types of testicular cancer are more sensitive to radiation therapy. viagra side effects and blood pressure Tumors that have a mixture of seminoma and nonseminoma components should be managed as nonseminoma. viagra online A histologic diagnosis of pure seminoma implies an excellent prognosis. best generic viagra usa For seminomas, localized disease is curable with orchiectomy and low-dose adjuvant radiotherapy to lymph nodes in 98%; stage ii is curable with orchiectomy and radiotherapy to involved areas in 85-95% of patients with minimal to moderately bulky disease; and stage iii or bulky locally advanced disease is curable in 90% with combination chemotherapy. generic viagra trusted pharmacy Controversy over the optimal management of clinical stage i nonseminomatous germ cell cancer has. cheap generic viagra Which pill is better viagra or viagra